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Established in 2022, our company produces many products such as BigBag, QBAG, SlingBag, fabric, column, powder wick, and synthetic yarn. We provide high-quality products to meet our customers' transportation and packaging needs. By following the innovations in our industry and taking customer feedback into consideration, we continuously improve our products. All of our products are manufactured to meet our customers' expectations by passing through our quality control processes. Customer satisfaction, our ethical values, and sustainability principles are at the heart of our business.

Aysu Big Bag


We strive to produce the best products to meet the transportation and packaging needs of our customers by offering high-quality and innovative solutions. We prioritize customer satisfaction and ethical values, while aiming to be a pioneer in our industry by working with sustainability and environmental consciousness.


We continuously renew and improve our products to become a leading manufacturer of transportation and packaging products worldwide. Our goal is to maintain our leadership in the industry by offering the best products to meet our customers’ needs and gaining the trust of all our customers.


Bigbag Products For Every Industry

We manufacture durable and high-quality Bigbags that meet the needs of every industry. Our Bigbags are designed to protect materials during transit, making them the ideal choice for your business. Choose our quality and durable Bigbags to make your job easier.

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