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Aysu Bigbag and Industry

Our company is in a leading position in the industry as a manufacturer specializing in the production of high quality bigbag sacks. Whether it’s the food industry, the chemical industry or the agriculture industry, we provide custom designed bigbag sacks for our customers.

Our bigbag sacks are available in many different sizes and capacities that can be customized according to our customers’ needs. In particular, the durability and robustness of our products make them a safe and reliable option for transporting heavy loads.

All of our bigbag sacks are manufactured using high quality materials. These materials are environmentally friendly, recyclable and durable. In addition, we strictly adhere to quality control procedures during our production process. In this way, we are able to offer quality and safe products that fully meet the needs of our customers.

Our production facility has state-of-the-art equipment and is managed by expert staff. In this way, we use the latest technologies to produce customized and high quality bigbag sacks according to the needs of our customers.

We work to meet the needs of our customers and do our best to provide reliable, high quality and affordable bigbag sacks. If you need bigbag sacks, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to assist you.

Here are some of the sectors we produce:

Sugar big bags​

Sugar big bags meet highest requirements regarding food safety. Sugar FIBC are usually designed as standard four-loop with dustproof sewing and usually have a filling and discharge spout.

Milk Powder big bags

Milk Powder big bags similarly to those for sugar meet high requirements on quality and food safety. Extreme dust proof sewing is used to protect the milk powder from leakage and to from moisture

Other Foods

Besides sugar and milk powder various other food products are filled into big bags. Some food like flour or starch might require antistatic big bags if the dust can be explosive. Generally, starch or flour packaging has also high requirements on food safety. Salt fibc often have lower requirements on food safety as it is not always used in food industry.

Big bags for seeds

Big bags for seeds become increasingly popular as they are easy to handle for many agricultural customers. Seeds big bags can be designed as standard four-loop, formstable or one- or two loop fibc. Especially formstable big bags are popular for packing seeds as seeds are usually stored over winter and storage room is critical for many producers. Seed FIBC often have a company printing for marketing purposes.

The fertilizer industry

The fertilizer industry mostly uses one- or two loop big bags as these are easy to handle for their agricultural customers. The SWL of these fibc is often only around 500kg. A PE-Inliner is inserted in the big bags so the fertilizer is not leaking and not becoming wet. Fertilizer packaging usually has a company logo printing which supports the marketing of the fertilizer.

Animal feed

Animal feed is often filled into big bags as huge quantities are needed. Animal feed fibc are either designed as standard four loop big bags or one-or two loop big bags and often include a company printing. They are mostly made from uncoated fabric.


Chemicals have a wide range of characteristics and an equally wide range of big bags exists to suit them. The chemical industry often asks for highest quality as the value of the products is high.

Carbon black big bags

Carbon black big bags are more than two meters high and designed to carry around 2 cubic meters of carbon black. Furthermore, they are designed as formstable big bags. We produce big bags from black uncoated fabric especially for our carbon black customers. This perfectly outlines our attempt to deliver exceptional client services by developing the perfect fitting FIBC for each customer.

Big bags for pharmaceuticals

Big bags for pharmaceuticals have the highest requirements on food safety and quality control. Sometimes special inliners from aluminium or from special polymers are needed to protect the pharmaceuticals.

Recycled Resources

Big bags are often used to pack recycled resources, especially recycled plastics. Recycling materials are either packed in standard big bags or Q-bags. The fabric of the big bags used in the recycling industry are sometimes with coated fabric and have often a printing. These fibc come in various designs regarding lifting, filling and discharging.

Cement big bags

Cement big bags are usually designed as single or double loop fibc. A Inliner is crucial for cement big bags as moisture would destroy the cement. Often a company logo is printed on the cement bag.

Big bags for agricultural products.

Raw agricultural products like potatoes, onions, nuts or beans can be filled in big bags for agricultural products. Agricultural products big bags are often made from ventilated fabric which allows air to circulate inside-out the fibc..

Wood pellets

Wood pellets are often filled into big bags. These fibc are usually relatively high as wood pallets are comparably lightweight. Cost is usually the most important factor for pellets big bags as the product is inexpensive.